[IACE] Recruitment of Organizing Committee for IACE 2019
HQRO 9.18
CA 2018 memo for teams
Cancellation of Flag Raising and Medal Presentation Ceremonies on 1 Oct 2018
Memo for AP 2018 contingent confirmation & Regulation for Albatross Award 2018
Pipe Band - Bandsmen Recruitment Memo (Reminder)
Marksman Badge Course (Shotgun)
Successful Applicants of Aviation Career Seminar - GFS and Airline Pilots
Full implemenation of the new guidelines on the wearing of badges on the cadet armlet
Service Memo 1843B - 圓玄學院賣旗日
No47 FDITC Joining Instruction
CA 2018 - invitation for Audience
HRS Camp 20180929
HQ Office to Close Early on 24 Sep 2018
Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps is a uniformed group under the policy aegis of the Home Affairs Bureau. A registered charitable body and a member organization of the Hong Kong Community Chest, we offer quality avaition education programmes to prepare young people for possible future service in the local Aviation industry, thereby contributing to the economic well-being of Hong Kong.
城專新辦航空飛行副學士 -- 星島日報
城大專上航青團合辦 航空飛行副學士 - 明報
Public Announcement: Flying Courses of a Commercial Nature

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