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香港航空青年團最近接獲公眾查詢有關海外聯絡主任一事,本團目前並沒有委任任何人為海外聯絡主任代表本團處理海外事務。 如有任何問題,請致電2712 8900或透過電郵與我們聯絡。


The Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps membership of former member WONG Po Kei (Simon WONG, 黃寶祺) was terminated on 15 May 2015. The Corps is not responsible or liable for his acts and activities whatsoever.

Msg 054/24 Service Memo - GFS Open Day 2024 & 香港植樹日
Msg 053/24 進階步操評核成績公佈 (AFD 24-01)
Msg 052/24 基本步操評核成績公佈 (FD 24-01)
Msg 051/24 [E&M Flt] 山林之嶺大探索 (兩日一夜體驗營)
Msg 050/24 Aircraft Engineering Experience Workshop (24 March 2024)
Msg 049/24 中式步列導師訓練課程
Msg 048/24 The YCC Glider Scholarships 2024 (GS2024) Open Application
Msg 047/24 港澳青年看祖國-訪閩團
Msg 046/24 Airbus Fltsim Experience March 2024
Msg 045/24 IACE 2024 Outbound Operations-Country Assignment
Msg 044/24 HKAYP 3.24 出奇制勝 Chill 級 Fun
Msg 043/24 Overage Cadet Interview 2024 for No 45 OCTC/No 26 RITC
Msg 042/24 HQRO 2.24(1)
Msg 041/24 Football Team Recruitment
Msg 040/24 Invitation for Application No.108 JNCOTC
Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps is a uniformed group support and funding by Government Flying Service. A registered charitable body and a member organization of the Hong Kong Community Chest, we offer quality aviation education programmes to prepare young people for possible future service in the local Aviation industry, thereby contributing to the economic well-being of Hong Kong.
[Flag Day 2022] 香港航空青年團賣旗日2022
HKACC members took part in anti-epidemic services
Flight Simulator Experience October 2021 - Joining Instruction
Special Announcement
城專新辦航空飛行副學士 -- 星島日報
城大專上航青團合辦 航空飛行副學士 - 明報

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